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handmade soap

What makes the handmade soap truly unique? It’s exactly the fact that it’s made by hand. Use a bit of vegetable oil and/or animals’ fats because of their great skin care properties, include additives to the soap for their healing and aesthetic properties. In the end, the product is further handcrafted and packed nicely with creative touch.

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“We started out in an apartment kitchen, and we remain committed to the handcraft approach”

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We thank you for visiting our store, and hope that you will enjoy exploring our products. We are happy to give you a discount on your order. Just fill in a simple form!

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Michelle Green
Michelle Green
Sales Manager
Anthony Wright
Anthony Wright
Sales Manager
Tony Brooks
Tony Brooks
Linda Brown
Linda Brown

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8500 Lorem Street, Chicago, IL 55030
Call: +1 (800) 567-8910
Email: [email protected]

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